21 De Gruyter journals to be published open access under Subscribe to Open (S2O) model in 2024

De Gruyter is pleased to confirm that 21 De Gruyter journals are publishing this year’s volumes in open access via Subscribe to Open.

The subscriber threshold for 16 existing Subscribe to Open journals has been reached. Five new journals are being transformed via Subscribe to Open in 2024, in line with the plan to transform about 80 per cent of De Gruyter’s journal portfolio into open access via the Subscribe to Open model by 2028.

The 5 new journals are:

  • Semiotica 
  • Preservation, Digital Technology & Culture (PDT&C)
  • Libri
  • Linguistic Typology 
  • Cognitive Linguistics

The full list of De Gruyter’s 21 Subscribe to Open journals is available here.

The model continues to receive positive feedback across communities. Data shows how journals transformed under the model are benefiting from their open access status. Article usage and submissions have both increased in number and geographic diversity, illustrating the impact and ability of the model to be a fair, inclusive and sustainable approach to transformation.

The journal Linguistics, which has been published as an S2O journal since 2022, has seen article usage increase by 16%. Articles available open access see seven times more usage than subscription articles. The readership has expanded and is now coming from over 100 countries. Citations to the journal have increased by nearly 40%.

Subscribe to Open is a model that enables the open access transformation of journals on a year-by-year basis by continuing existing subscriptions and without incurring publication fees for authors. Subscribing institutions continue to subscribe to them as usual, thereby enabling open access for all and fee-free OA publishing. S2O is thus an alternative to the APC (article processing charge) model, which charges publication fees per article, and transformation mechanisms such as Publish & Read.

De Gruyter is an active participant in the Subscribe to Open Community of Practice, which works to establish S2O as a sustainable path to open access.

Find more information on De Gruyter’s Subscribe to Open program and transformation plans here and here.