Academic Rights Press, The Electrochemical Society and GeoScienceWorld Sign New Contracts with ACCUCOMS

In October 2012, ACCUCOMS signed new representation agreements with Academic Rights Press (ARP), The Electrochemical Society (ECS) and GeoScienceWorld (GSW). ACCUCOMS now represents ARP in Turkey, and ECS in Germany, Turkey, Latin America and India. The existing representation agreement with GSW for Europe has been extended to now include representation in India.

ARP licenses academic information from the world’s leading academic publishers and information providers, publishes academic databases, and distributes online resources to the academic library market. In June 2012, ARP introduced Academic Charts Online (ACO), a database of popular music chart data. “ACO is a resource whose time has come,” said Roger Press, CEO at ARP. “It brings a new level of scholarship not only to music, but also cultural studies, entertainment business, historical and social studies courses. We are proud to be working with ACCUCOMS to bring it to a wider market.”

“The ECS tradition of scientific excellence ensures a progressive exchange of research through the flagship Journal of The Electrochemical Society and entire content of the ECS Digital Library,” said Mary Yess, ECS Deputy Executive Director and Publisher. “We look forward to our association with ACCUCOMS, and trust that it will enable the Society to serve a broader international community, furthering our mission to disseminate information in electrochemistry and solid state science and technology.”

“GeoScienceWorld has many potential users in India,” said Alix Vance, Executive Director at GSW. “ACCUCOMS representatives help us reach local universities, government agencies, and corporations in the earth sciences. Regional expertise makes a positive difference in the sales process, both for the publisher and the end-user. ACCUCOMS has already demonstrated that for us in Europe, so expanding in an additional region is a next logical step for GSW.”

“These representation agreements underline to continuing need for specialized publisher sales services,” said Pinar Erzin, Managing Director at ACCUCOMS. “We help publishers to sell their content in broader markets. Whether a market is a country or a continent, we successfully bring libraries, users and publishers together. We are proud to be expanding our collaboration with GeoScienceWorld and welcome our new customers Academic Rights Press and The Electrochemical Society to our program.”