AJE Launches Fully AI-Based Spanish-to-English Translation Service

AJE announces the launch of its Spanish-to-English Digital Translation service, powered by highly advanced artificial intelligence (AI) software that was trained by its staff of leading editorial experts. 

The new, cost-effective service, currently available to researchers whose primary language is Spanish, can be used to translate journal articles, grant proposals, or other academic works into English within one day.  

This new AJE service helps researchers translate their Spanish-language research papers into English with a high level of quality and accuracy, making them more suitable for submission to peer-reviewed journals. 

“This new service truly levels the playing field for researchers in many Spanish-speaking nations of Latin America,” said Greg Kloiber, Sr. Product Manager at Research Square Company. “It offers fast academic translations in places where researchers tend to have fewer financial resources.”

Research Square Company’s AI-based software has been trained on an extensive dataset of academic translations performed by its team of professional, master’s and doctorate-level researchers across more than 2,000 areas of study.

Learn more about Research Square Company’s Digital Spanish-to-English Digital Translation service.