AJE Launches Powerful New AI-Based Editing Service

AJE announces the launch of its new AI-based Digital Editing service, capable of thoroughly editing entire research manuscripts in under 10 minutes. 

The fast and affordable service, part of the new AJE Digital brand, can help scientists markedly improve English-language research manuscripts, dissertations, grant proposals, and other technical works before they are submitted or published. 

Amye Kenall, VP of Product and Publishing at Research Square Company, AJE’s parent organization, says AJE’s Digital Editing Service was built differently than competing services, and the result is more, higher-quality edits. 

“Unlike our competitors, who train their AI software on either non-academic papers or papers that were already edited, we train our artificial intelligence on both the original and edited files, which have resulted in a superior service that boasts three times more changes with over 95% accuracy compared to Grammarly,” Kenall said. 

AJE’s Digital Editing Service merges deep learning technology with AJE’s team of more than 1,000 US-trained editors, who hold advanced degrees across hundreds of scientific disciplines.  The software has been trained across more than 2,000 areas of study through millions of edits by AJE’s expert editors, helping to ensure the accuracy of customers’ scientific reporting. 

The service also excels at reproducing the complex edits often used in academic papers. Unlike other AI-based editing tools and services, it can reorganize entire sentences while editing for grammar, diction, clarity, consistency, phrasing, punctuation, spelling, and word choice. 

AJE’s Digital Editing Service provides more control for authors, giving them the ability to see all proposed edits in the form of markups on their edited documents. These proposed edits can then be accepted or rejected by the author.

Annual plans with unlimited use of the Digital Editing Service are available for purchase by individual researchers, as well as universities and research organizations, which can purchase discounted enterprise annual plans for unlimited access to AJE Digital Editing by their faculty, researchers, and students. 

“The enterprise annual plan allows institutional faculty and researchers to reclaim the hundreds of hours they spend each year manually editing papers for publication in academic journals – as well as accelerate their ability to publish and share their work,” said Kenall.

Dennis O’Brien, VP of Marketing and Sales at Research Square Company, says the new  Digital Editing service is a valuable solution for professors, principal investigators, and others responsible for the editorial quality of their students’ or institutions’ works.  

“Individual and institutional users alike can benefit from this service as often as they need for one low annual price,” said O’Brien. “This gives them a scalable solution that is easy to budget for.”

Learn more about AJE’s new Digital Editing service, and sign up for a free trial