Altmetric Badges for Books Adopted by The MIT Press Providing New Attention Insights for Authors, Editors and Readers

Data science company Altmetric today announced that The MIT Press has integrated Altmetric Badges for Books into its book pages. Visitors will be provided with an at-a-glance summary of the online attention relating to all of their monograph titles, discovering for the first time the broader engagement from key audiences and stakeholders.

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Users are able to click on the Altmetric badges on The MIT Press site to view the associated details page for each item. The Altmetric details pages include:

  • A summary and full break-down of all of the mentions and shares that Altmetric has tracked from sources such as the mainstream media, social networks, and public policy sources.
  • Data from the Open Syllabus Project to showcase where the book has been included in institutional reading lists and course syllabi.

Speaking on the integration, Amy Brand, Director at The MIT Press, said, “We’re thrilled to be able to provide Altmetric data within The MIT Press books collection. In the changing scholarly communication ecosystem, it is important for authors to be able to track a variety of measures of the downstream impact of their work, and Altmetric is the best tool to help them do that.”

Euan Adie, Founder and CEO at Altmetric, adds, “We’re excited to see The MIT Press prioritising the needs of their authors by giving them easy access to this real-time feedback on the engagement and attention relating to even their most recently published books. Visitors will be able explore the Altmetric data and gather useful insights into how the publications have been received amongst academic organisations as well as a more general audience.”

The Altmetric badges are now visible on all book pages on the The MIT Press website.