American Chemical Society expands publication benefits for ACS members

    The American Chemical Society (ACS) Publications and Membership and Scientific Advancement Divisions announced jointly the introduction of new programs that will expand ACS member access to over 1 million articles and book chapters from the most trusted, most cited, most read publications in the chemical and related sciences.

    The expansion of access to this unparalleled range of peer-reviewed scientific literature came from ongoing dialog between the two Divisions on how to provide additional value to ACS members and best serve the information needs of the growing, interdisciplinary scientific community.

    “ACS members will now have over one million articles of award-winning news and peer-reviewed content from ACS Publications at their fingertips. We hope this initiative more tightly links ACS Publications to the membership and to the core mission of the Society – as well as provides an important incentive to join and remain a member of the ACS,” said Brandon A. Nordin, Vice President, Sales, Marketing & Web Strategy, ACS Publications.

    ACS Member Universal Access gives all paid ACS members online access to 25 articles or book chapters from 40+ ACS Journals, ACS Symposium Series e-books and C&EN Archives during their membership term. This new benefit ensures that all members have access to the highest quality research in the chemical and related sciences, an $875 value that alone covers the cost of membership more than five times over.

    Members will have the ability to purchase access to additional research through ACS Member Articles on Command, which facilitates single-article purchases for members, at a discount of 66% over the non-member price. Individual member subscriptions will be reintroduced in 2012 at a uniform low price of $85 per year. This includes access to up to 250 articles per journal, per subscription term.

    For members who wish to have access to the entire suite of ACS Journals, ACS Symposium Series e-books and C&EN ArchivesACS Member E-Passport is introduced. Available at two fixed price levels for 250 and 500 articles, the E-Passport product is geared toward interdisciplinary scientists who want more flexibility in how they access scientific content.

    “In these economically challenging times, we are working even harder to find ways to increase the value of ACS membership to our 163,000 chemistry practitioners globally. This offer represents a significant improvement to our value proposition and creates a pathway for our members to learn more about the world-class content found within ACS publications,” explains Denise Creech, Director, Division of Membership and Scientific Advancement.

    The new, expanded publication benefits allow ACS members access to one of the world’s most indispensable information sources at a tremendous value. All programs will be available to members starting in January 2012 and will be facilitated via the award-winning ACS Web Editions platform.