American Chemical Society signs transformative open access agreement with Polish Academic Consortium

The Publications Division of the American Chemical Society (ACS) is pleased to announce that it has signed a transformative “read and publish” agreement with the Polish Academic Consortium. The agreement, which lasts through 2022, will benefit 51 institutions across Poland and will enable hundreds of articles to be made open access each year.

Under the terms of this agreement, researchers at universities across Poland will be able to publish under the most liberal of open access licenses, CC-BY. They will also benefit from a highly streamlined process aligning their journal article to the article publication charges covered by this agreement. Researchers at participating institutions will also have access to the over 65 premier journals published by ACS.

“Scholarly publishing around the world is moving in the direction of open access, a shift which ACS supports,” says James Milne, Ph.D., president, ACS Publications Division. “This agreement will help us support the dissemination of research findings from scientists at Polish universities, while deepening our commitment to the open access movement.”

“Polish scientists will greet this new opportunity of being able to publish through open access mode in ACS’ world class journals with appreciation and enthusiasm. This agreement brings Poland and ACS closer to fulfilling the conditions of Europe’s Plan S,” says Marek Michalewicz, Ph.D., director of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling, part of the University of Warsaw.

In the last year, ACS has supported the growing global interest in open access agreements and to date has partnered with more than 350 institutions worldwide. ACS continues to provide researcher-centric solutions — programs designed to stimulate participation in open access publication across the global community of authors, researchers and ACS members.