American Physical Society releases PhySH

The American Physical Society (APS) is pleased to announce that PhySH, APS’s new physics classification scheme, is now publicly available under a Creative Commons CC0 license. Created to provide a fully open, high-quality classification scheme for the entire physics community, PhySH groups concepts into a flexible hierarchy that organizes content by topics.

At its core, PhySH concepts are grouped into both facets and disciplines. Facets are broad groupings of concepts organized according to the general role they serve, while disciplines are specialties within physics used to narrow the list of concepts. We encourage users to make contributions and suggestions to ensure that PhySH becomes a trusted resource for the physics community.

PhySH can seamlessly integrate into other classification schemes and provide users new and useful ways to browse and search within their database. Under the CC0 license, users are allowed to copy, modify, redistribute, or otherwise make any use of its concepts and their relationships and identifiers.

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PhySH and the PhySH logo are trademarks of the American Physical Society.