APUC Selects EBSCO as Sole Supplier of Periodicals and Related Information Services

BSCO Information Services (EBSCO) announced today that it has been selected as the sole supplier for print and electronic periodicals, e-journal packages, and associated subscription management and access services for the Advanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges (APUC) Limited. As such, EBSCO will serve 19 universities and more than 45 colleges in Scotland.

The agreement between APUC and EBSCO was initiated through a rigorous and competitive tendering process conducted in accordance with European Union (EU) Procurement Regulations. Following this evaluation, EBSCO was selected for its proven experience in handling big, multisite contracts; its demonstrated expertise in electronic resources management, which attests to its capacity to provide dependable assistance in terms of migration from print to electronic; and its compelling approach to help generate cost savings and eliminate waste.

Ian Middleton, President and European General Manager at EBSCO Information Services, stated, “We are honoured about this opportunity to further support the academic information community in their quest to deliver quality service and value for money solutions to their users and researchers. Being chosen as supplier to APUC members is a great achievement for EBSCO. This emphasises our competitiveness, our financial stability, our expertise and our capacity to support libraries with all of their information needs.”
The two-year renewable1 contract confirms EBSCO’s capability to serve APUC member institutions in accordance with the consortium’s high level of quality requirements. With EBSCO as their approved supplier, APUC members will benefit from:

Close support from EBSCO’s London office, which is staffed by experienced, service-orientated information professionals
Value-for-money pricing on print and electronic periodicals subscriptions and e-journal packages
Traditional value-added subscription services combined with access to innovative technology to support periodicals management, access rights issues, and e-content activation — this includes EBSCONET® Subscription Management, EBSCO’s comprehensive solution to help APUC members save staff time; and effective tools, such as EBSCONET®E-Package Renewals and EBSCONET®Usage Consolidation, to support decision making regarding collection development and to help analyse value for money
EDI to reduce administrative time and effort related to invoices and claims
Interoperability with their Library Management System (LMS) to guarantee smooth deployment