Atypon Integrates CrossRef’s CrossMark Service in Literatum 14.1

Atypon® announced today it will offer CrossRef’sCrossMark® update and version identification service to publishers hosting their websites on Atypon’s Literatum platform. Publishers on Literatum 14.1, the latest release of Atypon’s flagship platform, can now participate in the CrossMark service, allowing them to communicate the current status of articles and alert readers to additional publication record information.

The CrossMark system gives publishers a consistent way to convey to readers the steps they have taken to ensure the trustworthiness of their content. The presence of a CrossMark logo on a HTML, PDF or ePub document indicates that the publisher commits to communicating any updates, corrections, enhancements, retractions, or other changes. The reader clicks on the CrossMark logo to view status information about the document. If an update exists, the status information will include a CrossRef DOI link to the updated document. Even in the common case where a document is current, clicking the logo can show the reader important publication record information such as the review process, funding sources, licensing terms, related content, or whether it has been screened for possible plagiarism.

“We are pleased that Atypon can now help its publishers integrate the CrossMark service,” said Ed Pentz, Executive Director of CrossRef. “Their experience working with a wide range of scholarly publishers will simplify implementation for their customers who want to participate.”

“Many of the publishers we support expressed interest in offering the CrossMark service to their users,” said Jonathan Hevenstone, Senior VP of Business Development at Atypon. “We see a clear need for this information from commercial and society publishers alike, and we are excited to offer this service in our platform.”