Author Access to Editing and Translation Improves

    Independent authors and publishers can now access expert editors, translators and proofreaders through the MyIdentifiers website thanks to a collaboration between Bowker and two member companies of Crimson International Inc.: Enago and Ulatus.  Bowker, a ProQuest affiliate, is the official ISBN Agency for the U.S. Enago is an internationally trusted name in editorial services for authors in the global researcher community. Ulatus is the translation arm of Crimson Interactive providing language solutions to researchers, business owners, and information specialists.

    Bowker is instrumental in connecting publishers, authors and booksellers with readers. It provides identifier services (like ISBNs and barcodes) and resources for authors to plan, publish, distribute, and promote their books to readers. Enago supports book authors in polishing their manuscripts with timely and cost-effective editorial and publication support services. Ulatus provides access to a team of world-class translators with a commitment to excellence. Including Enago and Ulatus on MyIdentifiers simplifies author workflows by gathering all the services they need in one site.

    “Bowker with the help of Translation Services are committed to providing quality guidance so our authors have a successful publishing experience,” said Beat Barblan, Director, Bowker Identifier Services. “Collaborating with Enago and Ulatus gives our authors fast access to services that are essential to delivering a high-quality manuscript.”

    “Book publishing is a lengthy and intensive process for all authors,” said Robert Kasher, Vice President Strategic Alliances ENAGO | ULATUS, Crimson Interactive INC.  “Enago and Ulatus have established themselves as trusted partners for delivering exceptional quality author support services worldwide. By teaming with Bowker, we’ll expand our presence and enable more independent and self-published authors to overcome language barriers, fast-track their publication timelines, and connect with readers around the globe.”