Baker and Taylor launches new Axis 360 App

Baker & Taylor, the premier worldwide distributor of digital and print books and entertainment products, announced today the launch of its new Axis 360 app for both Apple and Android devices. The Axis 360 app offers mobile users the ability to discover, download and listen to digital audiobooks, as well as access ebooks to read, within a single application.

Axis 360 app users will enjoy increased functionality and ease-of-use, with one-stop access to content from their public or school library. Users can browse the library or school’s entire digital collection or search for a specific title. Once they discover that perfect new release or longtime favorite, they can check it out using a built-in audiobook player in addition to the existing ebook reader. Axis 360 also presents recommendations from the library’s collection, based on the user’s selection.

“The new Axis 360 app makes the logistics of discovering and downloading digital content easy,” said George Coe, President and CEO of Baker & Taylor. “The streamlined app gets readers directly to the ebook or audiobook they’re excited to explore. It also promises ongoing advancements in the space. As with all technology companies, Baker & Taylor continuously works to develop product upgrades and this moves us even closer to an all-in-one app that will focus on an intuitive design and simplicity in the discover, check out, read and listen process.”

With its one-time login functionality the app will store a user’s home library and access credentials, eliminating the need to retype usernames and passwords, and providing immediate access to the library’s entire digital collection. Users can access all of their borrowed titles in a single, consolidated bookshelf called “My Stuff,” and will enjoy seamless integration with all their devices – check out a title on a desktop and have access on all mobile devices fitted with the app.

Axis 360 is Baker & Taylor’s revolutionary digital media service that provides libraries and schools with a state-of-the-art and visually engaging system for circulating digital books and audiobooks. Library patrons and students can download the free app now on iTunes or Google Play. To find out if your local library or school participates, please visit