BMJ partners with ScienceOpen to promote open science

BMJ Open Science, a new, open access journal published by healthcare knowledge provider BMJ, joins ScienceOpen to promote best practices in preclinical and basic biomedical research with an interactive featured collection on the platform. 

To increase rigor, transparency and reproducibility in biomedical research, BMJ Open Science fosters a range of open science practices from open protocols and peer review practices to Research Resource Identifiers (RRIDs). Within its discovery environment of over 49 million article records and active community of research collections, ScienceOpen can provide a broad and interactive context for discussions and experimentation with open science goals and strategies. 

ScienceOpen and BMJ Open Science are both committed to open peer review. BMJ Open Science publishes all article pre-publication history, which includes all previous versions of the manuscript, the reviewers’ comments, and the authors’ responses to all the comments from reviewers and editors. 

The ScienceOpen platform offers a full suite of tools to add an extra layer of open peer review to published content, keeping the conversation about the research evolving. To fully recognize the contribution of reviewers and ensure maximal discoverability for authors, ScienceOpen integrates seamlessly with Crossref and ORCID. 

Stephanie Dawson, CEO of ScienceOpen, says “I am convinced that our shared values regarding peer review will be a great asset in our partnership with BMJ for promoting open science.” 

“Helping our authors benefit from new ways of sharing information about their work is a priority for us, which is why we welcome this partnership with ScienceOpen” said Dr Allison Lang, Publishing Director at BMJ.