Brill expands Brill Open to include monographs and edited volumes

Brill extends Brill Open, its Open Access model, to include books.

As a major publisher in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Biology and International Law, Brill is committed to enhancing access to academic content in any sustainable way. Since its academic book publications are a cornerstone of the program, it is extending Brill Open to include monographs and edited volumes.

Brill Open offers authors the choice to make their research freely accessible online in exchange for a Publication Charge. Brill Open is made available to authors only upon acceptance of their manuscript for publication. This requires a positive outcome of the peer review process and Brill’s editorial decision making. Titles published in Brill Open undergo the same rigorous peer review and uphold the same high-quality publication standards that Brill is known for. Brill Open is a sustainable, high-quality and accessible mode of publication.

Brill Open is available for books accepted for publication under Brill and its imprints. Authors retain copyright of their work in exchange for a Book Publication Charge (BPC). Upon receipt of the BPC, the title will be made freely accessible on Brill’s Online Books and Journals platform under a Creative Commons license: CC-BY or CC-BY-NC. The type of license determines the applicable rights and the level of the Book Publication Charge (BPC). For an overview of the current BPCs see:

All Brill Open book titles are listed in the Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB), of which Brill is a proud sponsor, and are available through all Brill’s regular trade channels.

Brill believes in sustainable models that enhance the quality and dissemination of academic content. For this reason Brill is participating in a number of Open Access initiatives, among others the OAPEN pilot study into the effects of Open Access on books in the Humanities and Social Sciences.