Canadian Science Publishing partners with SORTEE to promote open science

Canadian Science Publishing (CSP) is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Society for Open, Reproducible and Transparent Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (SORTEE). 

The partnership, which is being piloted until July 1, 2024, will further enhance open science initiatives across CSP’s portfolio of 22 journals and promote education and outreach to the global science community.  

“We believe that the future of science is open,” says Elaine Stott, Chief Executive Officer of CSP. “We’re excited to work with SORTEE to promote open science initiatives within our journals and engage with scientists from around the world.” 

Educational resources such as webinars and workshops will be offered through this partnership, as well as opportunities to participate in dialogue on issues related to open science. 

“We are excited to kickstart this partnership with Canadian Science Publishing,” says Dominique Roche, Past-President of SORTEE. “By joining forces, we are better positioned to boost open science practices and drive positive change in research and scientific publishing.” 

SORTEE is a service organization which brings together researchers working to improve reliability and transparency through cultural and institutional changes in ecology, evolutionary biology, and related fields. The society is international in scope, membership, and objectives.  

CSP is committed to enhancing the reach, rigour, and relevance of science so people can find, trust, and use it. Earlier this year, CSP launched a new five-year strategic plan, which outlines our path forward and the goals we intend to achieve on our gradual transition to becoming a fully open access publisher. Open science and open access provide greater potential for discovery, collaboration, and innovation. Becoming fully open access will enhance the reach of the science we publish.