CAS Solution Redefines Finding Chemical Information in Patents

CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society is delighted to now offer its latest patent workflow solution, PatentPak, in both SciFinder® and STN®.

Third-party research indicates the most common challenges faced when evaluating global patents includes the extensive length and complexity of these documents, as well as difficulty finding information in languages researchers know.

By leveraging the extensive intellectual analysis of CAS scientists, vital chemistry in patents is identified and quickly located using PatentPak.  A recent publication (© Senger, et. al. 2015) suggests 40-50% of chemistry in patents is missed using automated approaches.  PatentPak allows you to:

  • Rapidly track down the specific location of chemical information in patents, with interactive links to substances;
  • Instantly and securely access full-text patents from major patent offices; and
  • Find an equivalent patent in a familiar language.

Research professionals across a global spectrum of prestigious commercial, government and academic institutions, including Eli Lilly and Company, the University of Alabama, and universities in Israel and Turkey, among others, are already benefiting from efficiencies using PatentPak.

“The University of Alabama Libraries selected PatentPak to more quickly access chemical information within the patent literature,” said Vincent F. Scalfani, Ph.D., science and engineering librarian at The University of Alabama.  “PatentPak will also make patent literature more accessible to new researchers, including undergraduate students.  Incorporating the full-text PDF and indexed chemical structures directly within SciFinder removes many of the barriers associated with discovering and retrieving patent chemical information, streamlining information discovery.”

PatentPak provides access to nearly 9 million full-text patents (and growing) across 31 major patent offices. The interactive patent chemistry viewer has built-in search functionality facilitating fast, efficient access to the exact locations of information a researcher needs.  PatentPak was initially introduced with access through SciFinder last year, and access in STN was made available in January.

“Intellectual property professionals told us they were eagerly awaiting the addition of PatentPak in STN,” said Craig Stephens, vice president of sales at CAS.  “As patents continue to grow in volume, length, and complexity, the amount of time patent examiners, analysts, and attorneys are spending hunting through page after page to find a few sentences of interest presents a tremendous opportunity for increased efficiency.  By taking users immediately to the location of the key chemical information they need, PatentPak saves hours, enhancing productivity and providing a competitive edge in the race to protect novel inventions.”