Chile’s CINCEL enters into multi-year renewal agreement with Springer

Springer announced that it has entered into a five-year renewal agreement with the Consorcio para el Acceso a la Información Científica Electrónica (CINCEL) in Chile. But unlike prior negotiated arrangements, this new deal extends access to Springer’s published research to more than twice as many institutions.

The national consortium of CINCEL negotiates subscriptions to scientific journals, eBooks and databases on behalf of its original 26 members, made up mostly of universities, along with other research centers in Chile. Under this new national agreement, researchers, students and faculty at all the prior participating members, as well as over 45 additional institutions, will now have access to Springer’s Americas Collection of journals. The more than 1,500 titles included in the license are now available to every major research institution in Chile.

“Springer has always been a valuable partner to CINCEL because of the high quality of its content, and because they are flexible enough to meet the needs of our members at a price that is manageable for the consortium,” said María Soledad Bravo-Marchant, Secretaria Ejecutiva for CINCEL. “We are very happy with this new agreement and look forward to continuing a relationship that has been so beneficial to our researchers and universities.”

Springer’s Vice President of Library Sales for Latin America, Maria Lopes, remarked, “CINCEL has always been a pleasure to work with, and this agreement is another building block of a partnership we are very proud of. We are delighted at our past success supplying these consortia with the content they need, and excited to explore similar deals with other current and potential Latin American partners.”