ChronosHub Agreement Management: Open for Publishers To Take Control of Agreements.

ChronosHub, the leading open-access management platform, is excited to include agreement management in its offering to publishing companies. The new addition to the platform gives publishers total control of agreements.

Publisher customers subscribing to the ChronosHub platform can now access the new agreement management feature, where agreement information can be maintained. Moving away from Excel spreadsheets and into a platform enables publishers to manage the complexity of business rules efficiently. Import tools, bulk editing, and immediate editing rights make the process much faster and updates easy.

“Our most important task is to simplify complexity and give the publishers the tools they need to handle new deal types in an easy way to deliver great customer value and employee satisfaction,” says Founder & Co-CEO, Christian Grubak.

The flexibility you need, at your fingertips

The built-in platform flexibility allows publishers to cater for the variation in agreements with institutions or consortia. For example, different deciding dates when an article is counted as part of an agreement – this could be the date of submission, date of acceptance or even the final publication date.

In addition, individual journals or collections of journals can be assigned to each agreement, as well as specific licenses, and of course, the business rules around required payment – I.e., whether an agreement covers the full APC cost, a set APC, or a discount on the APC, and if a cap applies.

Constructing sales deals with institutional and consortia customers is made easy as it’s possible to listen to and deliver on requirements without constraint by legacy systems or manual work. Furthermore, allowing a custom text to be displayed for an agreement will simplify delivering on an open access agreement and help bring clarity to authors.

Any changes made within the agreement management feature are automatically applied throughout all aspects of the ChronosHub platform, including the pre-submission Journal Finder, as well as any post- acceptance processing. There’s no waiting around for a service provider to do this – instead, as soon as a new agreement is signed or there are amendments to an existing one, it’s possible to log into the platform and make the changes immediately.