Climate change title to become first Emerald subscription journal to flip to exclusively Open Access

Emerald Publishing has announced the conversion of the Impact Factor-ranked International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management (IJCCSM) to a fully Open Access (OA) journal.

IJCCSM will be the first Emerald subscription journal to flip to a fully OA journal, effective from the 2018 volume.

IJCCSM is an international forum that addresses the need for disseminating scholarly research, projects and other initiatives aimed to facilitate a better understanding of the critical, emerging field of climate change.

Flipping this high quality journal to OA will help maximize the dissemination of climate change research, ensuring that vital real world research is being supported and being communicated to the policymakers and practitioners. The move also demonstrates Emerald’s commitment to exploring new sustainable publishing models and ways of supporting OA publication requirements within its communities.

Aimee Nixon, Head of Open Access publishing at Emerald said: “At Emerald, we’re continually seeking to evolve our OA policies and publications to meet the needs of our subject communities.

“Having identified a growing demand for OA publication within the Environmental Management discipline, along with commensurate funding for OA dissemination, we are pleased to support this community by converting this high quality journal to OA.

“This represents a really exciting development for the journal, and we’re confident it will continue to thrive under an OA model.

IJCCSM publishes papers dealing with policymaking on climate change, and methodological approaches to cope with the problems deriving from climate change. It disseminates experiences from projects and case studies where due consideration to environmental, economic, social and political aspects is given, and especially the links and leverages that can be attained by this holistic approach. It regards climate change under the perspective of its wider implications: for economic growth, water and food security, and for people’s survival – especially those living in the poorest communities in developing countries.

The journal is designed to be relevant not only to people working in the academic sector, but also to companies undertaking construction and development projects which may be influenced by climate change, business strategy and policymakers that take into consideration their future survival, government organizations such as environment ministries and planning committees and banks, insurance companies, energy providers and other stakeholders whose business is influenced by climate change.

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