ConTech Pharma 8th June 2023 Speakers Announced – early bird registration now open

AI, Data Science and other new technologies are enabling huge change in the Pharma, Drug Development and Digital Healthcare Landscape

ConTech Pharma is at the heart of these changes and has just announced a phenomenal speaker line up. These include Bayer, Accenture / INTIENT, Astra Zeneca, Pfizer, Syngenta, Genomics England and a special session on Semantic interoperability throughout the entire medicinal product lifecycle with IDMP Ontology” by The Pistoia Alliance

ConTech Pharma 2023 will be a 1-day hybrid event, taking place both online and at the Sheraton Skyline Hotel, London Heathrow.  It will showcase the very latest thinking and help organisations to understand how these changes will affect them.

ConTech Pharma 2023 is focused on three main themes:

A virtuous circle – from real world data – via pre-clinical data – to analytics – and back to treatments in the clinic (inc manufacturing)

Aligning the semantics across clinical and pre-clinical applications

IDMP – Standards – knowledge sharing ahead of standards coming in to operation

Jabe Wilson (Elsevier) lead conference chair said “Another hype-cycle is born around generative AI and the ChatGPT models. The same truths apply, if not more so, rubbish in gives rubbish out. This is something that we cannot countenance in Medicine and Drug Development. As we look at patient first approaches of developing medicines using AI and Data Driven techniques, it is in the areas of intersection between real-world data, pre-clinical and clinical data that challenges and opportunities arise and challenges are overcome.”

Come and hear how the world’s best minds in data science, digital healthcare and precision drug development are thinking about these challenges and taking effective action.

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With thanks to Elsevier –Main conference partner and Morressier, Gold sponsor

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