Credo Homework Help Expands to Include Science

    Credo, the industry leader for information skills solutions, today announced that science help is now offered through Homework Help. Students can now work with state-certified teachers of multiple scientific disciplines, in addition to reading, writing and math.

    “The addition of science to Homework Help means that school and public libraries now have that much more to offer their students,” said John Hutchinson, Credo VP, Product Marketing. “Science is one of the four key areas in any school’s curriculum, but it is a subject in which many parents don’t feel comfortable being able to help when their children have questions.”

    In a recent survey of Homework Help users, students expressed an eagerness to share their positive experiences with their peers. As one student wrote, “My friends are always texting me, asking for homework help and I’m [going to] recommend this website to them.” 96% of students said that they were likely  to return to Homework Help should they need additional help, and 93% were likely to recommend Homework Help to a friend.

    Across the country, students logged over 1,500 hours on Credo’s Homework Help in 2014. Students are paired with a state-certified teacher in a virtual classroom, complete with an online whiteboard and chat window, allowing for one-on-one, real time collaboration to solve homework problems, edit papers or expand on lessons taught in school.