DataSalon announce full integration of Research Organization Registry (ROR)

Customer insight experts DataSalon announce full support for ROR – including automated matching – continuing to enhance clients’ customer data with the latest in industry standards.

DataSalon announced today that ROR (the Research Organization Registry) has been fully integrated into all of its services. Full support is provided for automated matching to ROR of free-text organization names captured by publishers. All of DataSalon’s clients previously using the GRID database of research organisations have successfully been migrated over to using ROR in its place.

As of the last public update of GRID in September 2021, Digital Science will no longer be making updates or corrections to this dataset, so it was important to DataSalon that client sites using this valuable resource were migrated to a new free and open alternative, ROR, before the first independent ROR release – ensuring that they continue to use the very latest data available.

Both of DataSalon’s key products, MasterVision and PaperStack, use a reference dataset of organisations to standardise and link data, allowing easy searching, a single customer view, and exploration of the relationship between organisations and individuals. The reference dataset also places client data in its wider context, making it simple to find new sales prospects or target new authors and reviewers.

Having been developed using seed data from GRID, ROR is the obvious choice for its replacement. Going forward, it will continue to provide clients with the same extensive worldwide coverage of research organisations as GRID has done previously, with the added advantage that it is community-led and so will benefit from the input of data experts from a range of sectors.

Nick Andrews, Managing Director of DataSalon, commented: “We’re delighted that we have been able to roll out this change so quickly, continuing our tradition of being in the forefront when it comes to keeping up with new industry standards. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, and this is a good example of how we make data integration as simple as possible for our clients.”