DataSalon announces support for Read & Publish

DataSalon announced today that both of their cloud-based systems, PaperStack and MasterVision, can now offer support for the reporting requirements created by Read & Publish deals – helping publishers in the move towards Open Access.

Both PaperStack and MasterVision can produce the key reports required – tracking accepted submissions against the author’s institution in order to record how many articles each institution has published.

This information is difficult for publishers to retrieve from the raw submissions data, but DataSalon has a well-tested toolkit designed to overcome the issues involved. Those tools can take care of collecting data from ScholarOne, Editorial Manager and/or eJournalPress; linking authors to institutions; and rolling up data to the required level of the institutional hierarchy, to cater for deals with both individual institutions and consortia.

DataSalon’s comprehensive analytics tools can report across all journals, or a subset of journals – allowing users to review the set of OA journals to which a deal relates, or to assess the overall impact of their transformative agreements.

With OA growing at an ever faster rate since Plan S came into force earlier this year, more and more Read & Publish deals are being set up, and this kind of reporting is essential in informing the negotiating process.

Nick Andrews, Managing Director of DataSalon commented: “At DataSalon, we’re continually reviewing and refining our products to make sure they keep pace with our clients’ needs in the fast-changing world of modern publishing. We’re confident that this new functionality will prove invaluable to publishers negotiating new Read & Publish deals.”

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