De Gruyter Signs Contract to Distribute E-content to all Higher Education Institutions in the German State of Saxony

De Gruyter is proud to announce it has signed a contract to provide e-book content to all universities, technical colleges, and academies in the German state of Saxony. The license, which is effective immediately until the end of 2016, is based on a Patron Driven Acquisition (PDA) model.

“Saxony’s academic libraries view themselves as key providers of academic content for teaching and research,” says Michael Golsch, Deputy General Director of Dresden’s university library and head of the library consortium that signed the license contract. “Yet beyond providing content, we have a responsibility to develop efficient information infrastructure that facilitates the use and sharing of academic knowledge. Innovative business models, such as the PDA model offered by De Gruyter, open up new horizons for achieving this goal.”

Under the PDA model, content is purchased based on actual usage. De Gruyter’s new acquisition model is directly targeted at serving public institutions’ need for high-quality academic literature as well as their obligation to justify expenditures.

“We’ve had very good experiences with the PDA model thus far,” says Carsten Buhr, Managing Director of De Gruyter. “The advantages for libraries are abundantly clear, for they are provided access to a wealth of information but only have to pay for what they actually use.”