Digital Science announces exclusive rollout of Dimensions AI Assistant beta version

Digital Science is pleased to announce a limited and exclusive beta launch of Dimensions AI Assistant, a new research tool designed to enhance how users engage with the wealth of knowledge available on Dimensions, among the world’s largest linked research databases.

Dimensions AI Assistant utilizes advanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to provide users with semantically rich summaries and contextualized results, surpassing traditional keyword-based searches.

To ensure that Dimensions AI Assistant meets the needs of its target audience, Dimensions is inviting a limited number of beta testers globally to actively participate in shaping how AI will support Dimensions users in the future. These users will be based in various sectors, including academia, corporations, publishers, government agencies, and funding organizations – representing Digital Science’s key client base.

Christian Bode, Head of Product at Dimensions, said: “We consider the beta launch of Dimensions AI Assistant as a crucial step in improving the product, directly engaging with our community to receive user feedback on new AI based functionality.

“The valuable insights gathered during our closed beta phase will guide Dimensions in refining and optimizing Dimensions AI Assistant to align with user expectations and requirements. By prioritizing user input, we can create a research tool that truly caters to the diverse needs of the research community,” he said.

Digital Science CEO Daniel Hook emphasized the company’s commitment to an ethical and responsible approach to AI. “We recognize the challenges inherent in using AI, especially for something as fundamental and impactful as research. The ethical and social implications of this technology cannot be ignored and hence we feel that an ethical and responsible approach is needed, even in the face of rapid innovation and the hype around AI,” Dr Hook said.

“We are committed to releasing tools where we either explicitly understand and can state their downsides or where we have a high degree of confidence and trust in their outputs. We believe this approach is crucial so we can empower users to discern when they can trust the AI and when they should exercise caution.”

The closed beta launch of Dimensions AI Assistant represents the first step in Dimensions’ broader vision of developing additional AI helpers. The insights from beta testers will play a pivotal role in exploring opportunities to integrate Dimensions AI Assistant into Dimensions Analytics, further enhancing research capabilities.