DLA Doubles Datasets

Data Licensing Alliance, Inc. (DLA), the first marketplace for licensing STEM data for artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) purposes, today announced it had doubled the number of datasets on the DLA marketplace.

“Data scientists are starting to know how easy and accessible it is to license datasets for Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning on our marketplace.  We are making it our mission to make others’ AI smarter,” says Dave Myers CEO and founder of DLA.

What’s more, the DLA ethos is to make both the acquisition and licensing of data much more efficient, providing users an easy and cost-effective way to access data.  Beyond licensing data, the wants the DLA marketplace to become a secure forum for communication all around data.  This will enable and accelerate the next generation of products and services the world desperately needs. 

DLA is now LIVE and is currently open for a limited-time FREE beta test. Visit DLAdata.com and use discount code BETA1 at checkout for 100% off the license fee. Note: you need to be registered for it to work.

About Data Licensing Alliance

Data Licensing Alliance (DLA) was created to democratize access to data. We operate a marketplace for owners and buyers of STEM data needing to license data for artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) purposes. For more information, visit DLAdata.com or request a demo. Our mission is simple: “Make AI Smarter”.