Dove Medical Press Ltd. partners with The Charlesworth Group to integrate WeChat into their manuscript submission workflow

The Charlesworth Group, is delighted to announce that Dove Medical Press Ltd. has chosen to integrate its manuscript submission system into Charlesworth’s WeChat Gateway platform. The use of WeChat within the scientific community in China continues to grow and has over-taken email as the preferred primary communication channel for China-based academic authors.

By integrating their submission system directly into Charlesworth’s Gateway, Dove can now support its China-based academic authors 24/7.

The ‘Gateway’ is Charlesworth’s proprietary technology platform. It acts as a hub, receiving manuscript status data via API from Dove’s manuscript submission system and then personalising that data and transmitting it to Dove’s WeChat account. The platform’s statistics provide real-time data on the number and growth of Dove Medical’s WeChat followers. It also reports on followers’ engagement with Dove’s WeChat marketing content.

The integration allows Dove to continually engage with their authors and enhance their experience by providing paper status notifications directly to authors’ phones via the Gateway’s chatbot. The use of the chatbot ensures an efficient service, giving responses to the most commonly asked author queries in a matter of seconds.

Angela Jones, General Manager New Zealand, Dove Medical Press Ltd., comments, “The implementation demonstrates our ongoing commitment to enriching communication with our academic authors based in China. Our marketing team can now assess how our WeChat followers engage with our content, which better informs our social media strategy in the region. Growth of our WeChat followers and growth in the number of our authors using our new paper status update function is a long-term investment for us.”

Michael Evans, Global CEO of The Charlesworth Group, comments, “As experts in social media engagement for the research and publisher community in China, we are delighted that Dove Medical Press has integrated with our WeChat Gateway platform. Charlesworth already provides China social media marketing services to Dove and integration with their manuscript submission system was a natural next step for enhanced author communications through WeChat.”