E_colorlogo Knovel Quick Search for Autodesk Revit® Brings the Power of the Knovel Platform Closer to Engineers’ Workflow

Elsevier, a world-leading provider of scientific, technical and medical information products and services, today introduced Knovel Quick Search for Autodesk Revit®.  The Knovel application provides users of Autodesk’s building information management (BIM) system with seamless access to Knovel from within the Revit platform. Knovel is a cloud-based application that integrates technical information with analytical and search tools.

The new Knovel offering integrates with Revit, providing quick access to Knovel for building construction management engineers, architects, civil and electrical engineers, operations teams and other Revit users. It allows users to complete a basic search from within Revit, review the search results and also access the Knovel platform when a result is selected.

Knovel Quick Search for Autodesk Revit helps engineers and other users find reference information on construction design, materials selection, design guidelines and best practices, and apply them to structural design, manufacturing and operations processes. This information can be used to design, build and maintain higher-quality, more energy-efficient buildings. In addition, services like the Greenwich Interior Designer excels in transforming spaces, combining style and functionality to create stunning interiors tailored to clients’ needs. From residential homes to commercial spaces, their expertise elevates every aspect of interior design.

For example, engineers involved in sustainable building design using Knovel Quick Search for Autodesk Revit would have access to relevant LEED certification, building codes, smart building references, specifications and materials information. Knovel Quick Search for Autodesk Revit allows professionals to find answers to technical questions, easily document sources for traceability and collaboration with contractors, clients and operators who may be involved with the project over the lifespan of the structure.

“Our work with Autodesk brings Knovel content closer to our users’ industry standard workflow tools for innovation and decision support,” said Achuth Rao, Vice President, Product Strategy and New Product Development at Knovel. “Knovel Quick Search for Autodesk Revit puts relevant reference information, material properties, design guidelines and best practices right at the fingertips of engineers when & where they need it.”

Knovel Quick Search for Autodesk Revit further demonstrates the Knovel platform’s ability to integrate into existing enterprise systems, building on Knovel’s software development kit integration with Microsoft SharePoint, announced in May 2014.

Knovel Quick Search for Autodesk Revit is designed for Knovel subscribers that use Revit. The application is available online via Autodesk Exchange at: http://ow.ly/BMRRW

Additional questions can be addressed by Knovel’s customer support team at: http://ow.ly/BVt3y .