EBSCO and SUPC to Continue Long-Standing Relationship

EBSCO Information Services will continue as a print and online journal, and e-packages supplier for the Southern Universities Purchasing Consortium (SUPC) and its partner higher education consortia as a result of a new four-year agreement. EBSCO has been supplying journals to SUPC member libraries since 1996.

In a recent tender exercise, EBSCO was the top scoring supplier and under the new arrangement, EBSCO will provide academic libraries covered by the following regional purchasing groups: HEPCW, MUAL, NEYAL and SUPC.

Susan Wright, Head of SUPC says, “We are very pleased to have been able to put together a tender that represented the interests of all our member groups; procurement staff and librarians, and that we will once again be working with EBSCO as one of our suppliers. We aim to bring efficiencies to our members and our suppliers and this new contract will do that”

Paul Harwood, General Manager at EBSCO says that EBSCO’s financial stability, response to the Swets bankruptcy along with its history of working with the regional groups, make this agreement mutually beneficial. “EBSCO is able to provide continuity and cost-effective journals’ management to member libraries, some of whom we have been working with for many years now. EBSCO is a financially robust and trusted partner for librarians and procurement professionals, and we look forward to working with both parties in delivering high-quality and efficient services to them over the next four years.”