EBSCO Information Services offers time-saving options via EBSCO Usage Loading Service

With EBSCONET® Usage Consolidation, librarians can collect, consolidate, and report on the usage of their online resources, making vital collection management information readily available in the librarian’s workflow — within EBSCONET® Subscription Management. But EBSCO knows gathering usage data can be time-consuming, and that is why the EBSCO Usage Loading Service can load usage on behalf of Usage Consolidation customers.

The Usage Loading Service is a highly skilled team that can obtain usage reports, load them to the library’s Usage Consolidation account, and match exceptions — allowing librarians to spend more time developing powerful collections that can help users achieve their research objectives.

Usage Consolidation customers who choose to take advantage of the Usage Loading Service can select from two time-saving options: Basic and Complete.

With the Basic Usage Loading Service — in addition to the automatic matching of titles available through Usage Consolidation — each library’s account is assigned to a knowledgeable representative who will:
Retrieve COUNTER reports from content providers
Manipulate reports, cleaning them up to ensure that they load
Load usage reports into the customer’s Usage Consolidation account
The Complete option goes even further. For libraries that choose this service, the Usage Loading Service team will:
Set up platform details within the library’s Usage Consolidation account — including setting up SUSHI, where applicable
Load historical details (up to two years, where available)
Manually match titles that were unmatched during the automated process
Coordinate to ensure that titles are accounted for
Act as the library’s advocate, communicating with content providers to ensure that usage data is correct and problems are resolved in a timely manner
Plus, with the Complete Usage Loading Service, thanks to the high level of integration among EBSCO’s products, librarians are assured that high-quality usage data will automatically be available directly in EBSCONET — the tool used by librarians worldwide for making collection development decisions.

For more information about the time-saving options available through the EBSCO Usage Loading Service, visit www.ebsco.com/uls.