EBSCO Publishing Acquires PEMSoft to Expand its Evidence-Based Pediatric Content

    EBSCO Publishing (EBSCO) has expanded its evidence-based healthcare content with the acquisition of PEMSoft, a premiere pediatric point-of-care clinical information resource.

    PEMSoft is an online clinical library and multimedia decision support system that addresses acute and chronic illness and injury conditions in children from newborn to young adult. PEMSoft was founded in 2003 by Ronald Dieckmann, MD, MPH, and Rob Pitt, MD. Dr. Dieckmann is Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco and served for 25 years as Director, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, San Francisco General Hospital. Dr. Pitt is Associate Professor of Pediatrics, University of Queensland, and served for 25 years as Director, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Mater Children’s Hospital, Brisbane, Australia.

    PEMSoft is available in either U.S. or U.K. English. The product features nearly 1,000 topics and nearly 3,000 proprietary high-quality medical images and videos, as well as several interactive tools for clinicians. The software is completely designed for fast, point-of-care use at the patient’s bedside. The extensive use of links, and intuitive navigation and search features make finding specialized topics easy. Popular modules include an extensive formulary with links to appropriate topics, medical calculators, as well as special sections for triage, signs and symptoms, procedures, quick reference and toxicology. Altogether, there are 41 sections in the vast PEMSoft database that address the entire spectrum of pediatric and neonatal disease and injury.

    The unique and comprehensive resuscitation system “Resus Tool” provides exact treatment protocols, drug doses, infusion rates and equipment sizes for children with critical illnesses or injuries. The treatment interventions are based on the child’s length, weight or age and are totally customizable to the individual pediatric patient. Another interactive tool is “Calc” – a module that provides formulas and scoring systems for diagnosis and management of pediatric trauma, acute care, and critical care. PEMSoft’s medical images, massive medical content, and its innovative interactive tools make it unique among clinical information resources.

    EBSCO Publishing Senior Vice President of Product Management and Customer Satisfaction, Stratton Lloyd, says that PEMSoft was developed by leaders in the pediatric field to support pediatric healthcare professionals in a wide variety of healthcare settings and complements other products to make EBSCO a leading content provider in a critical specialty. “Drs. Dieckmann and Pitt have created a vital tool for pediatric care that shares EBSCO’s commitment to providing evidence-based, current, point-of-care information. PEMSoft will make a perfect addition to our clinical information product line which includes products such as DynaMed, Nursing Reference Center and Patient Education Reference Center.”

    PEMSoft’s editorial board includes renowned physicians from highly regarded institutions such as Baylor, Chicago Childrens Memorial Hospital, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Duke, Stanford University, UCLA, and University of Washington. “The content development process that the experienced and diverse team of editors uses ensures that PEMSoft has the highest level of consistency, timeliness and quality,” says Dr. Dieckmann.

    PEMSoft’s design and use of evidence-based content and multimedia elements help to assure access to online clinical information is fast, simple and intuitive. Dr. Pitt says that PEMSoft makes a difference throughout the clinical workflow. “PEMSoft has valuable content, organized in easy-to-find categories, so that doctors, nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, paramedics and medical students can find what they need as quickly as possible.”

    Dr.s Dieckmann and Pitt will continue their work as editors-in-chief with PEMSoft. More PEMSoft information is available at: http://www.pemsoft.com.