EBSCO Publishing Releases Business Source Corporate Plus

EBSCO Publishing (EBSCO) has expanded its collection of corporate research solutions with the release of Business Source® Corporate Plus (BSC+). By providing detailed corporate information plus the latest business news and trends to corporations worldwide, Business Source Corporate Plus delivers what corporate researchers need; where they need it; when they need it.

New way to search for company information
BSC+ features a Company View which provides a directory-style representation of a company. The Company View provides expanded information as well as a more robust user experience where users can quickly find information on more than 1.1 million public and private companies including parents and subsidiaries, key contacts, detailed company profiles, SWOT analyses, etc. as well as relational information such as industry and market reports.

Updated throughout the day Researchers looking for recent news information will find the information they need  inBusiness Source Corporate Plus with the addition of news from thousands of leading services — including Associated Press — updated approximately 100 times per day.

Senior Director of Market Development for EBSCO Publishing, Joe Tragert, says the development of these features in Business Source Corporate Plus derived from specific needs and interests of users. “Our users have asked us to provide company information that can be accessed alongside the premium business content we have provided for years. The new Company View feature provides robust company directory information for more than one million public and private companies, all linked to business articles, profiles and news stories about those companies. Our users also asked us to provide current news that can be linked to our premium content. Our News View feature provides access to leading wire services and tens of thousands of web news sites, all updated every 15 minutes. These features make Business Source Corporate Plus a powerful business information resource.”

Business Source Corporate Plus includes full text from more than,4,000 quality business journals, magazines and trade publications. The database also provides corporate researchers with over 1,100 full-text newspapers and 940,000 full-text television and news radio transcripts, more than 3,300 SWOT analyses and over 950 full-text books and monographs. BSC+ also offers researchers access to more than 20,000 industry reports, conference proceedings, country reports and monographs.

BSC+ also provides two companion databases with hundreds of full-text sources including regional business publications, newspapers and newswires. With daily updates, Regional Business News™ provides full text for more than 80 regional US and Canadian business publications.
The McClatchy-Tribune Collection includes a 90-day archive of more than 280 newspapers from the McClatchy-Tribune wire service.

Business Source Corporate Plus is powered by EBSCOhost®, the most-used for-fee electronic resource in libraries around the world, and may be integrated into enterprise search applications, corporate portals and intranets. The database can also be conveniently searched anytime and anywhere using EBSCO’s mobile access technology.