Elsevier / CPM Resource Center Expands CPM CarePoints™

Elsevier / CPM Resource Center (CPM), a leader in developing clinical decision support tools for healthcare, announced today the availability of  CPM CarePoints Emergency™. The product is a new component of the  CPM CarePoints™ collection, a pre-built, implementation-ready solution that provides a framework for evidence-based care and documentation tools across clinical domains.

With more than 125 evidence-based clinical practice guidelines, CPM CarePoints Emergency is organized through utilization of the CPM Framework™ and is designed to integrate evidence-based content into practice in order to support clinical decision-making within an emergency department setting. The solution contains content for the adult and pediatric population, as guidelines range from abdominal pain to upper extremity injury, while content includes information on triage, patient profile, risk screening, primary and secondary clinical assessment and procedure/intervention summaries.

“CarePoints Emergency strategically serves healthcare organizations and professionals as they manage patients and document processes in the emergency department, all of which are necessary to achieve meaningful care goals,” said Diane Hanson, RN, BSM, MM, Executive Vice President and General Manager of CPM. “With this comprehensive solution, healthcare professionals can continue to work towards overall improvement of quality of care, data interoperability and seamless longitudinal care coordination for patients.”

CarePoint Emergency can be integrated with other “CarePoints” within the CPM CarePoints solution –inpatient, pediatrics, obstetrics and critical care – to provide a key benefit of a comprehensive, seamless workflow between departments and care venues. When integrated, the overall solution offers clinical decision support, advancing the use of health information technology, making meaningful the risk screening, planning, recording and tracking of recommended care steps and monitoring a patient’s condition meaningful.

Other key benefits include:

  • Potential reduction in re-admission rates
  • Improvement in quality of care and patient safety
  • Strategic decision making regarding a patient’s admittance
  • Seamless transition of care and interoperability
  • Support of standardization and consistency of care between departments

For more information about CPM CarePoints Emergency and CPM CarePoints, including purchasing information, visit  http://www.cpmrc.com/solutions/cpm-carepoints/