Elsevier / Gold Standard Announces New Drug Class Overviews for Clinical Pharmacology

    Leading drug information provider  Elsevier / Gold Standard announced today its new Drug Class Overviews, making  Clinical Pharmacology more valuable at the point of care.

    Clinical Pharmacology Drug Class Overviews are now even more powerful for evaluating formulary decisions and therapeutic drug substitutions.  Elsevier / Gold Standard has improved the speed and usability of the content through bulleted summaries and tables, highlighting a variety of critical areas in drug-interaction information.

    “The new Drug Class Overviews represent a significant evolution in our content development that was stimulated and driven by input from our clients,” said Elsevier / Gold Standard President Marianne Messer.  “This advancement also represents the way in which our users wish to utilize our vast amount of drug information that is updated in real-time.”

    The new  Drug Class Overviews includes:

    • A summary in simple bullet format
    • Pharmacology/Mechanism of Action with key pharmacology and pharmacokinetics and tables to highlight differences
    • Therapeutic Use, highlighting place in therapy, alternatives within a class, and key clinical differences with labeled, off-label, and not recommended indications
    • Comparative Efficacy, highlighting randomized control trials for one or more indications
    • Adverse Reactions/Toxicities summarizes serious adverse events and toxicities
    • Drug Interactions, helping clinicians determine which drugs to use
    • Safety Issues, highlights all contraindications and indicates BBW’s, REMS, or MedGuides.

    “Clinical Pharmacology has been named by independent research studies as the most complete and dependable drug reference solution on the market today.  It is trusted by thousands of hospitals, 35,000 retail pharmacies, health plans, pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), pharmaceutical manufacturers, and academic institutions,” Messer said.  “We are pleased to continue developing our solutions and meeting the needs of our users.”

    For more information about Clinical Pharmacology and the new Drug Class Overviews, please visit External link  www.goldstandard.com.