Elsevier Introduces Reaxys Xcelerate™

Elsevier, today announced the launch of Reaxys Xcelerate™, a premium version of Reaxys® developed in close consultation with research intensive organizations.   Reaxys Xcelerate™ further extends the capabilities of Reaxys® , a leading workflow solution that provides extensive information on chemical compounds and reactions.

Reaxys Xcelerate™ has been designed to streamline research intensive chemistry workflows for:

  • Synthetic chemists who need to view and analyze numerous potential retrosynthetic pathways can get immediate, automated, multiple synthetic plans, complete with access to the necessary background data, ensuring they can make informed decisions about the most effective routes to take to the lab.
  • Chemistry researchers who need to compare and contrast multiple datasets can utilize Reaxys Xcelerate’s intelligent results visualization, reducing data analysis complexity. Context sensitive graphical overviews and the ability to cluster results for maximum relevance enables immediate insights, which speeds up the analysis process.
  • Global teams and diverse research groups who need to share information across labs and geographies can use enhanced information exchange capabilities. Researchers can pinpoint the exact area of interest, annotate with further insights or instructions and share instantly with colleagues for more effective teamwork.

“Working closely with our partners, we identified and invested in a number of new tools to support research intensive workflows,” said Mark van Mierle, Managing Director of Elsevier’s Pharma and Biotech Group.  “For organizations in competitive research environments, whether at corporations developing new materials, pharmaceutical organizations developing potential drugs, or academic institutions conducting groundbreaking research Reaxys Xcelerate™ provides a step change in individual and organizational productivity.”

Reaxys ® and Reaxys Xcelerate™ follow the same agile development process, ensuring that the two versions continue to deliver the relevant content and insights needed by research chemists. To find out more about Reaxys Xcelerate™, including the opportunity to experience the product, visit  www.reaxys.com/info/xcelerate.

Reaxys ® and the Reaxys trademark are owned and protected by Elsevier Properties SA and used under license.