EMS Press Launches Content Platform and API

EMS Press is pleased to announce the launch of its new content platform. The platform has been built from the ground up by the Press’s in-house team over the last year with the aim of giving our readers, authors, editors and subscribers the best possible user experience. The new system is powered by a modern API and gives our partners access to all metadata and full texts for indexing, reviewing, and data mining.

As of today, full text articles from every journal published by the Press are available on the Journals page of the website. This includes the first articles that are published Open Access through the successful Subscribe to Open round for 2021 (you can view an example article here).

The decision to develop a publishing platform independently was made in 2020 after an evaluation phase which revealed that available systems were either too expensive, came with outdated technology or offered little flexibility. As a technology-oriented publisher with a focus on long-term sustainability, EMS Press saw this as an opportunity to create a new home for all of its publications, with a small software development team under the supervision of CEO André Gaul.

The heart of the new EMS Press platform is the Content API that makes all metadata and full-texts (for Open Access content or authorized requests) available through the well-established API specification JSON:API. The Content API serves as both a headless content management system for the EMS Press website, and can at the same time deliver metadata and full-texts to indexing, reviewing and data mining services such as zbMATH Open, MathSciNet or Google Scholar. The user-facing frontend is a contemporary website built with NextJS and TypeScript.

The new platform has been designed with open access as its primary mode of publication. However, the Subscribe to Open publishing model requires a high degree of flexibility for access authorisation and usage reporting, which we achieved by partnering with LibLynx. Their API-based access management usage reporting solution LibLynx Connect plays well with EMS Press’ API-first architecture and allows the Press to support further authentication schemes including OpenAthens/Shibboleth.

The platform will continue to evolve in the coming months and new developments will be reported in future Update articles. Subscribe to our newsletter to ensure you receive Updates as they happen.