Enago Charlesworth Group announces sales partnership with CEPIEC’s SocoPay for China payment processing for Scite and academic publishers

Enago Charlesworth has secured a strategic partnership with SocoPay, a payment gateway processing platform operated by the China Educational Publications Import & Export Corporation Ltd (CEPIEC). The partnership will support Enago Charlesworth’s partner publishers to offer a simplified, local payment option to their Chinese customers.

The CEPIEC platform enables researchers to pay locally in China for the collaborated publishers’ APCs and research tools through the preferred Chinese online payment methods, AliPay and WeChat Pay, and receive a local fapiao invoice.

Scite Sales in China

Currently, Enago Charlesworth is using SocoPay to manage the B2C sales processing of Scite’s research tools in China. This collaboration allows Chinese researchers to access and purchase Scite’s cutting-edge research tools while expanding their global reach. Researchers can purchase Scite via the cwauthors.com.cn platform with payment processing through SocoPay.

“We are thrilled to announce a deeper partnership with Enago Charlesworth. Scite has experienced explosive growth in individual subscriptions but has always faced challenges in certain regions, such as China. With this partnership, we can ensure a seamless payment processing solution for researchers and students in China” said Josh Nicholson, co-founder and CEO of Scite.

“Charlesworth is excited to be an official partner of CEPIEC. The integration of SocoPay provides an excellent solution for payment processing for publishers in China, helping to improve the publisher-author relationship, as well as making it easier for researchers to purchase tools such as Scite,” said Andrew Smith, Product & Marketing Director at Charlesworth Group.

SocoPay Service

CEPIEC’s SocoPay also offers seamless payment process for APCs. Through this partnership, Enago Charlesworth can offer the APC processing solution to publishers, helping them provide an improved author experience in China through local payment and invoicing. The solution can be fully integrated into a publisher’s workflow with support and consultation provided by Enago Charlesworth.

“CEPIEC is delighted to work with Charlesworth, to provide a reliable and secure payment solution to publishers in China. This partnership will also help to promote the availability and accessibility of research tools within China,” said Jianfeng Zheng, Deputy Director of Digital Department. from CEPIEC.

Enago Charlesworth’s partnership with SocoPay is a significant step towards expanding the availability and accessibility of research tools within China. With Charlesworth’s extensive expertise in publishing services and SocoPay’s reliable payment processing solutions, this collaboration helps to streamline the B2C sales process, and enhance research capabilities and the processing of APCs within China.