Ex Libris Releases Primo Version 4.5

Ex Libris® Group, a world leader in the provision of library automation solutions, is pleased to announce the release of version 4.5 of the Primo® discovery and delivery solution. The discovery platform of choice for over 2,000 institutions, Primo 4.5 provides students and researchers with an enhanced discovery experience, faster searching, and access to additional library services directly through the Primo interface (OPAC via Primo).
Highlights of the enhancements and new features in Primo 4.5 include the following:
  • A more intuitive discovery experience
  • Enhanced search capabilities
o    Improvements to relevance ranking in both Primo Central searches and local searches
o    A new Virtual Browse feature, which displays a virtual bookshelf and enables patrons to browse forward and backward through items
o    An easy-to-use date selection feature for narrowing down search results by a specific date range
o    The display of relevant search tips to help users improve their queries
  • Faster performance
o    Faster searching
o    Faster ingestion and indexing of data
  • Tighter integration with the library’s OPAC
For librarians, the Primo administration features include the following developments:
  • A greater level of security for Primo-Aleph communication
  • More efficient maintenance of user data
  • New and redesigned reports that offer insights into how the library’s community uses Primo so that libraries can tailor content and services to their users’ needs
Shlomi Kringel, vice president of discovery and delivery solutions at Ex Libris, commented: “We are constantly developing Primo to support our overarching goal of enabling users to discover the full spectrum of library materials with speed and simplicity. For example, the Primo Virtual Browse feature provides a browsing experience on the user’s computer screen, facilitating the serendipitous discovery of items that the user did not search for specifically. As in every version, Primo 4.5 contains a number of new features that are the direct result of customer requests. We are looking forward to seeing the Primo community enjoying the new version.”

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