F1000 launches Health Open Research, expanding the publishing Platform that “accelerates the real-world benefits of medical research”

F1000 is delighted to announce today the launch of Health Open Research. This is an expansion of the former Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) Open Research, the open research publishing venue that “accelerates the real-world benefits of medical research.”  

Since 2019, AMRC Open Research has enabled researchers funded by one of AMRC’s member charities to share all their research outputs in a transparent and accessible way. This allows their peers to build on findings, policymakers to have fast and full access to research that should inform their decision making, and for the public to see the results of the research that they may have funded and that could affect them. Today’s launch of Health Open Research expands its remit to all researchers working in health, medicine, and social care, and to other health research organizations, nationally and internationally.  

Dr Catriona Manville, AMRC’s Director of Research Policy, said: 

“AMRC is thrilled that the Platform is opening up to other health research organizations and researchers globally. Over the last few years, we’ve seen inspiring examples of how publishing openly helps to accelerate the real-world benefits of medical research. This includes Marie Curie funded research, which provided evidence for the Make End of Life Care Fair campaign that secured the provision of palliative care in every part of England as a legal requirement via the Health and Care Act. The expansion of Health Open Research is an exciting prospect, providing new possibilities for collaboration and innovation.” 

Dr John MacArtney, Marie Curie Associate Professor at the Warwick Medical School’s Unit of Academic Primary Care, University of Warwick, who led influential palliative care research into the impact of Covid-19 on hospices, explains why choosing the open research publishing venue matters: 

“We wanted the research to reach as wide an audience as possible, including non-academic clinicians and the public – as quickly as possible. As the publishing Platform is fully open, I knew AMRC Open Research provided the best way to achieve that.” 

Rebecca Lawrence, Managing Director, F1000, said:

“F1000 has always believed that open research is research that is open to all of society and works for social good in the fastest and most collaborative way possible. The success of AMRC Open Research and the launch and expansion of Health Open Research today exemplifies why open research matters both to health research and to society globally”. 

Health Open Research is now open for submissions from researchers, practitioners and policy makers working in health, medical, and social care research across the world. It provides a dedicated space for researchers to publish all their research findings openly, in a way that helps to minimize duplication and waste and maximize the potential for real world impact for patients.  

Covering all three stages of the research process – cause, cure & care – Health Open Research welcomes submissions across all areas of health, medical, and social care research including: 

  • Basic scientific, translational, applied, and clinical research, including quantitative and qualitative studies, in all areas of health and disease 
  • Collaborative, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research including public & patient involvement, comorbidity and multimorbidity studies 
  • Health and healthcare related research including implementation science, observational studies and clinical trials, health systems and health services research 
  • Health economics, public health, social care, health promotion, health policy and practice, ethics (including patient data) and health training 

All articles, review reports, and other outputs previously published on AMRC Open Research are now available on Health Open Research. We will continue accepting peer review reports and revised versions of articles previously published on AMRC Open Research, with links between versions maintained. Blog content previously published on AMRC Open Research, can be found here