Figshare and Arkivum announce partnership

This week, Figshare and Arkivum, the provider of large scale, long term, safe digital archiving solutions, have announced a partnership to provide a solution covering the full spectrum of funder-mandated research data requirements for UK academic institutions.

Arkivum has an established reputation offering the only archiving solution that provides guaranteed data integrity via a fully-managed and simple to use service for research data within academic institutions.

Meanwhile, Figshare has been helping to maximise the impact of research data by making non-traditional outputs such as datasets, media and software code available in a manner that is citable, shareable and discoverable.

Combined, the solutions satisfy the funder mandates by ensuring that data are accessible to the wider research community in a timely, cost effective and user-friendly manner.

Mark Hahnel, Founder of Figshare says:

“We are pleased to see an increasing number of funders mandating the dissemination of the digital content that they have funded as a part of a body of research. Although this poses new challenges for researchers it also presents new opportunities to get credit for research. Through this partnership with Arkivum, as well as making data persistent through Figshare, UK institutions now have increased choice in how to ensure data are available for decades to come.”

Jim Cook, the CEO of Arkivum adds:

“Figshare is a specialist in the management of active data for research. The partnership between Figshare and Arkivum will deliver an end-to-end solution for research data management that covers active data right through to the long-term storage of valuable data sets.”