First original research papers published in IOP Publishing’s prestigious journal Reports on Progress in Physics 

IOP Publishing (IOPP) has published the first original research papers in its flagship journal, Reports on Progress in Physics, adding to its 90-year legacy as one of the world’s most authoritative sources of physics review content.  

The first four original research articles are:  

Extracting the speed of sound in quark-gluon plasma with ultra-relativistic lead-lead collisions at the LHC 

Symmetry-preserving quadratic Lindbladian and dissipation driven topological transitions in Gaussian states 

Divergence beneath the Brillouin sphere and the phenomenology of prediction error in spherical harmonic series approximations of the gravitational field 

A statistical primer on classical period-finding techniques in astronomy 

Reports on Progress in Physics sits at the pinnacle of IOPP’s extensive physics portfolio of journals and covers all areas of physics and related interdisciplinary areas extending across condensed matter, atomic and molecular physics, quantum science, computational physics, chemical physics, biophysics, photonics, nuclear and particle physics and astrophysics.   

The journal offers an open access (OA) option, with free OA publishing for researchers from low and lower middle-income countries. In addition, Reports on Progress in Physics is included in IOPP’s expanding programme of Transformative Agreements that now cover more than 1,000 universities and research institutions around the world.   

Chief Editor of Reports on Progress in Physics, Dr David Gevaux, says: ‘Releasing the first original research papers in our expanded Reports of Progress in Physics journal in the year of its 90th anniversary is fantastic. The progress and innovation seen over the past nine decades promises a bright future for our evolving physical sciences journal.”  

The latest issue of Reports on Progress in Physics also features an editorial in which Gevaux sets out the rationale for repositioning the journal and how it will serve the physics community into the future.   

The journal’s Editor-in-Chief, Professor Subir Sachdev of Harvard University, USA, says: “The quality and coverage of our first original research papers reinforces the long-standing reputation of Reports on Progress in Physics as one of the most important resources for physicists at all career stages.” 

Authors publishing in Reports on Progress in Physics are not only supporting the advancement of physics in the broadest sense but also invest in the community they are a part of. All funds generated by IOP Publishing go directly to the Institute of Physics.