Frontiers announces first journal acquisition: Oncology Reviews

The open-access publisher Frontiers has acquired the journal Oncology Reviews from PAGEPress. The acquisition marks a significant milestone for Frontiers. It is the first journal the publisher has acquired since it was founded in 2007. Oncology Reviews is also Frontiers’ first proprietary Reviews journal, aiming to publish highly impactful reviews, thought-provoking editorials and opinion pieces.

Dr. Frederick Fenter, chief executive editor of Frontiers, said: “Our successful experience with supporting the journals of learned societies on our open-science platform has now made it possible to pursue our mission via the strategic acquisition of existing journals. The quality and reputation of Oncology Reviews is excellent, and I look forward to welcoming its outstanding panel of editorial board members and its editor-in-chief, Dr. Camillo Porta, to our community.” 

Launched in 1970, Oncology Reviews publishes authoritative reviews on preclinical and clinical aspects of oncology. Commenting on the acquisition, editor-in-chief, Dr. Porta said: “Working with Frontiers and their open-access platform is an important moment for our journal. I am confident their platform and their passion for quality, collaboration, and open access is the start of something exciting that will enable us to reach new heights.”

Oncology Reviews is a popular choice for authors seeking an impactful venue for Reviews and Mini-Review article types. Amongst others, it is indexed in The Emerging Sources Citation IndexPubMed CentralDirectory of Open Access Journals; and Scopus

Dr. Franck Vazquez, director of partnerships at Frontiers, commented: “We are excited to take over the publication of Oncology Reviews from PAGEPress and to welcoming it onto our open access platform. We are also pleased to be able to offer Oncology Reviews as an additional option in the Frontiers’ oncology journal portfolio and expand our service to the oncology research communities.”