Frontiers partners with Clarivate on new Reviewer Recognition Service

The role of the reviewer is vital. And as research output grows, more and more pressure is being put on reviewers to ensure quality articles are published as quickly as possible. But for such a crucial cog in the scholarly publishing wheel, their contribution is not always well acknowledged.  

To address this challenge and to give reviewers greater recognition for their work, Frontiers is partnering Clarivate on a new Reviewer Recognition Service. The service is made possible by a feature from Publons, acquired by Clarivate in 2017, and now an integral part of the Web of Science.

“Frontiers has always tried to pay tribute to those who handle and review manuscripts,” says Gearóid Ó Faoleán, Research Integrity Senior Manager at Frontiers. “Working together with Clarivate, we can ensure the vital contributions made by authors, editors and reviewers are well acknowledged.”

The Web of Science Reviewer Recognition Service allows reviewers to easily track, verify and record all their review and editorial contributions. And by integrating the service into Frontiers’ Collaborative Review Platform, reviewers can also upload contributions automatically to their Publons profile.

Frontiers’ transparent, efficient and rigorous peer review process would not be possible without its dedicated community of more than 100,000 reviewers and editors. It is hoped this new partnership with Clarivate will create an even stronger research community and make the review process an easier and more rewarding experience.

The Reviewer Recognition Service will be rolled out to Frontiers’ journal series throughout 2020.