Glass Tree Academic Publishing Launch

A new and unique academic publishing company has announced its imminent launch, Glass Tree Academic Publishing ( Glass Tree will serve the academic community by providing a platform for academic self publishing, in three progressive phases:

Phase one, scheduled for release in March/April 2016, provides tools for self-publishing academic books and manuals in open or closed access, print and/or e-book, including peer review classification and subject matter taxonomy, and complementary promotional tools (in alliance with Kudos). Fairly priced publishing services such as formatting, illustration, editing, peer review, and marketing will also be available.

Phase two focuses on conference proceedings (release in Q4 2016).
Phase three focuses on journal article publishing (release in Q2 2017).

Through the use of new POD technology, allowing for quick production times and high quality output, Glass Tree affords its authors a low cost publishing platform, transparency in pricing and a fair profit sharing model (with a 70% of profits to authors). Glass Tree is informed by academics for academics.