Introducing ConTech.Live

“Five years ago it would take around thirty six hours to detect fraud of our healthcare database, now it takes just ten seconds.”  Michael Puscar, Founder OIGA Technologies

“The combination of tech and big data promises much more targeted, effective medicines and the ability for us to live healthier lives for longer.” Helen Malone, Director of the Information Hub at GSK

“Smart devices are going to be incredibly smarter – so much smarter than they’ve ever been.”

Max Gabriel, CDO Taylor & Francis

At the first-ever ConTech conference, held last year in London, delegates were given ground-breaking insights into the biggest technical revolution to hit the content world since the birth of the internet – the intersection of data science and content.

We’re now creating an insane amount of content, which is doubling every single year.  By 2020, the amount of information we have will double every single day.  To some, that’s a problem, to others a massive opportunity.  We have the power to harness that data to the greater good.  The pioneers have already done just that and their success is there for all to see. 

They’ve created bio-electronic devices which could potentially treat arthritis, diabetes and asthma, used medical data to improve the lives of one in ten children in the US, saved the UK government £63 million a year on website costs alone, discovered two new planets, revolutionised the world of teaching and created artworks using nothing more than AI.  The list goes on and on and on….

At ConTech 2018 we heard about all these success stories and the huge benefits they bring.  And we learnt about the things that didn’t go quite so well – the trials and the errors.  Our speakers spoke with passion and our delegates were engaged and eager to hear more. 

The speed at which change is happening in this arena is beyond comprehension and that’s why we’ve created a community here – a community that continues to grow and develop.   This year we build on the success of ConTech 2018 to bring you ConTech Live – four unique and ground-breaking events.  ConTech 2019, ConTech Pharma, ConTech Legal and ConTech Forum.  Hear from the innovators, the pioneers and the businesses taking a futuristic approach to what they do. 

  • We’ll share the way fingerprints are being used to supercharge data and unlock the value of each piece of content in scholarly publishing.
  • We’ll find out how machine learning and AI have gone beyond simple keyword extraction and topic categorisation to take content enrichment and transformation to the next level.
  • And we’ll see how AI is being used to predict and analyse the success of medical clinical trials and look into the future to see how medical practice could evolve.

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