IOP Publishing partners with Altmetric to improve author services

IOP Publishing has announced a new partnership with Altmetric and Digital Science, to provide its authors and readers with a deeper understanding of how published research is being used and discussed.

Authors and readers will be able to view the online attention surrounding each publication via the Altmetric badges embedded into article pages.

Jamie Hutchins, Publishing Director at IOP Publishing, said: “We are delighted to partner with Altmetric and Digital Science to enhance and improve our services to authors, readers and customers of our journals. IOPP’s mission is to deliver impact, recognition and value to the scientific community, and this addition to our platform helps achieve this. While we believe citations remain an important metric, it is desirable to show the broader impact of scientific research outputs.

“As a publisher of various formats and on multiple platforms – including science journalism, multimedia and social media channels – the inclusion of the Altmetric feature helps us to demonstrate further our commitment to working for the benefit of the thousands of authors we publish each year.”

Altmetric CEO Euan Adie said: “It’s great to see IOP Publishing integrating the badges into their article pages to provide their authors and readers with additional context and insight into the engagement that occurs after publication. We find hundreds of mentions a day directly related to content published in these journals, evidencing a high level of visibility and potential societal influence.”

Altmetric captures real-time mentions from news outlets, policy documents, blogs and social network, amongst other scholarly and non-scholarly sources. This data is presented in the Altmetric details page for each item, which can be accessed by clicking on the badges.

Jamie Hutchins added: “The data provided by Altmetric will help us and our audiences understand how research is being received and interpreted, and will allow us to report back to authors, editorial boards and society partners in much greater detail.”

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