Jisc Collections boosts online learning resources for engineering and technology students

Jisc Collections is now offering universities and colleges access to one of the largest sources of online films in the field of engineering and technology – IET.tv  from The Institution of Engineering and Technology.

The IET.tv archive includes over 3,000 presentations filmed at lectures, seminars and conferences from 2002-2012. The content is from events that are highly regarded by the global engineering and technology community, and features key academics and practising engineers and technologists who are specialists in their fields from around the world.

Caren Milloy, head of projects at Jisc Collections says:

“This collection of films received top marks from the community in our most recent round of content procurement for multimedia archives. A unique resource, IET.tv makes the teachings and knowledge of engineering and technology experts instantly accessible to students. We hope that this resource will go on to benefit many students and ultimately improve their learning experience.”

Mark Reynard, business manager at IET.tv, says:

“Combining the power of vision with voice and accessible 24/7, IET.tv connects users to one of the largest online resources of learned engineering and technology content available on the internet.”

IET.tv contains eight engineering and technology channels covering a range of skill areas. These channels are aimed at engineering academics and researchers and include – communications; control and automation; electronics; IT; management; manufacturing; power; and transport.

The resource is available on Jisc MediaHub, which delivers access to over 130,000 images, films and audio files licensed for educational use. The service also provides a search for over one million other items available in various public collections. Hosted by EDINA, a Jisc funded national data centre, Jisc MediaHub is free to further education colleges and available via paid subscription to higher education institutions.

For more information or to subscribe to this service visit the Jisc Collections website or contacthelp@jisc-collections.ac.uk.