JMIR Publications and Society of Digital Psychiatry Partner to Advance Digital Mental Health Research

JMIR Publications and the Society of Digital Psychiatry (SODP) have announced a new partnership aimed at advancing research in the field of digital mental health. This collaboration will focus on supporting education and knowledge sharing in the fast moving world of digital psychiatry and establishing priorities for the space, including identifying current gaps in knowledge and determining areas for future study, with particular emphasis on addressing disparities in access to care. 

The partnership brings together JMIR Publications, a leading open-access publisher of scholarly journals on digital health, and the Society of Digital Psychiatry, an organization dedicated to promoting and educating members about digital innovations in mental health. 

Although digital health solutions have emerged as critical tools to address the global mental health crisis, there are challenges that require further attention. The partnership between these organizations will focus on specific aspects of digital psychiatry and mental health research that are particularly relevant, including equity, replicability, privacy concerns, and public awareness and engagement. 

“The field of digital mental health is rapidly evolving, and it is important that the next generation of research can keep pace with these changes,” says Dr John Torous, MD, editor of JMIR Mental Health

In their recent editorial titled “Focusing on Digital Research Priorities for Advancing the Access and Quality of Mental Health,” Dr Torous and coauthors highlight several new frontiers for forthcoming research in this field. The editorial piece also introduces JMIR Mental Health as the official journal of the Society of Digital Psychiatry, which will serve to disseminate high-quality research. JMIR Mental Health is a peer-reviewed journal with an impact factor of 6.3 (June 2022); it is indexed in PubMed, PubMed Central, and other reputed databases. 

By bringing together academics, clinicians, industry, patients and families, the synergy between JMIR Mental Health and the Society of Digital Psychiatry will help advance the mission of increased access and quality of mental health services for all.