Kindle Direct Publishing now available for the Kindle Store today announced that authors and publishers are now able to make their books available in the Kindle Store ( using Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) ( Authors and publishers can utilize the new Spanish-language KDP website to make their books available in Spain and more than 100 countries worldwide, while continuing to own the rights to their books. The popular 70% royalty option, which allows independent authors and publishers worldwide to make more money on books sold to Kindle customers in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Austria, France and Italy, is now also available for books sold in Spain.

Kindle Direct Publishing is a fast, free and easy way for authors and publishers to make their books available to Kindle customers in Spain and around the world via Kindle and on free Kindle reading apps for iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, PC, Mac and Android-based devices. The new Spanish-language KDP website is also a convenient way for authors and publishers in many Latin American countries to publish their books to Kindle.

Award-winning author and journalist Rosa Montero will offer three books exclusively in the Spanish Kindle Store, which were published using KDP: “La vida desnuda,” “Entrevistas” and “Lo mejor de Rosa Montero.”

“E-books and direct online sales by writers are revolutionary,” said Rosa Montero. “Programs like KDP, where I’m publishing three titles, allows everyone — beginners or famous writers — to publish under the same conditions, quickly and with control of their work. It also subverts the rules that dictate a book must sink without a trace in two months. It’s almost a miracle.”

“Authors and publishers can now reach more readers by using Kindle Direct Publishing to make their books available to customers in the new Kindle Store, as well as customers all over the world,” said Gordon Willoughby, Director, EU Kindle. “Authors in many countries have already seen tremendous success with KDP and we’re excited to bring the program to Spanish authors and publishers.”

The Kindle Store also launched today, offering customers a vast selection of over 22,000 Spanish-language Kindle books, including the most best sellers in Spain with 20 of the Top 30 El Cultural fiction and non-fiction best sellers, the largest selection of digital Catalan, Basque and Galician books — and over a thousand free classics in Spanish.