Knovel Introduces Interactive Tool for Finding, Solving and Sharing Engineering Equations

Equations are the life blood of engineers, but research shows growing dissatisfaction with the choices for finding the equations needed to solve the problems engineers face. Recognizing this gap, Knovel introduced a better option for engineers. Knovel Interactive Equations, now available via Knovel’s cloud-based platform, launches with hundreds of validated engineering equations that engineers can search through, solve and share in a variety of formats.

2013 Knovel Engineering Survey found that roughly one-third of engineers rely on equations multiple times per day. Knovel Interactive Equations applies Knovel’s years of expertise in engineering research and development to help engineers solve many of the common and uncommon challenges they face. Highlights of the offering include:

  • Hundreds of equations with detailed descriptions of variables and their units, formulas, the original sources with links to references and citations, along with worked calculation examples, all in one place
  • Web-based Equation Solver software that can be used without local installation or IT support
  • Responsive design that allows users to find and solve equations on desktop computers or tablets
  • Built-in interactive equation worksheets for quick calculations such as calculating a specific value, converting to specifi­c units or performing what-if calculations
  • Ability to create new worksheets using any combination of text, math and units for engineering equations and formulas, pictures and graphs
  • Support for engineering units
  • Support for exporting calculations to multiple formats

“When engineers load their favorite calculation tool, they shouldn’t be confronted with a blank screen or an empty grid. They should be able to quickly and easily choose from – and customize – the equations they use every day,” said Sasha Gurke, Elseviers’ Engineering Fellow & Co-Founder – Knovel. “As more equations are added, Knovel Interactive Equations will become the first stop online anytime engineers need to solve and reference equations.”

Knovel Interactive Equations is a powerful productivity tool for engineers, offering a convenient and unique workspace and calculator. Users have access to validated, discoverable equations and corresponding calculation examples. Knovel Interactive Equations launches with hundreds of equations available across five subject areas including Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, Mechanics & Mechanical Engineering, Metals and Metallurgy, Electronics & Semiconductors and General Engineering & Project Administration. Knovel Interactive Equations are available to customers with subscriptions to these subject areas. For additional information, speak to a Knovel account representative.

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